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Here's some fun, and not-so fun stuff, hope you enjoy them. Junk will accumulate here as it is gathered.

*** WARNING: Some of the content on this page may be graphic and/or offensive. If you feel you may be offended, DON'T LOOK!


Above is my old 280ZX...or what's left of it after plowing into a tree at 50mph. They had to cut me out too! I do miss that car.

But here's my latest 280ZX, same year, different color...

My "Ride and joy", 1958 H-D Sportster. A lot of hours into building this baby. Difficult to see the marble in the flames in these pics.

I got bored with one of my Maglites.

A 2k Autococker that just begged me to mill the hell out of it. Note the dovetail, back block, front block, and ASA that were milled from scratch to match the body. Yes, that is a stubby barrel tip, and no, accuracy does not suffer noticeably at all. It was designed for front players who must remain as tight to their bunker as possible. I make them for TheAngelGuy.com.

Predator Impulse before (above) and after (below) anodize. I mill them for Imperial Paintball. The low-rise is one that I make and sell, as well as the titanium bolt pin.

My Rock Angel. I never liked how it shot with the stock low-rise, and I didn't want a high-rise, like on my 2k Dark, so I made myself a signature mid-rise.

A bunch of us at Skyball. Well, actually in our hotel room bathroom, at the Skydome Rennaissance Hotel, doing a custom frame installation. The freakin bathroom was huge, it even had a phone next to the crapper!

Some beautiful ladies posing, including the Impulse twins and the Freak girl, with the first Predator Impulse that I milled for Bill at Imperial Paintball. It was released at Skyball 2k3.

A happy customer, and his custom milled Impulse, posing with Ollie Lang..

< What was this guy thinking?!?

Lonely? > 

Butt-head or head butt? > 

< Some dude!

My mutt! > 

My other mutts...


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