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Feedtube thread repair service. If you've ripped the threads for the feedtube right out of the gun diving into your bunker last Sunday, or just screwed up and cross-threaded it and don't want to buy a new body, then this service is for you. It includes milling new threads in the body, and a new low-, mid-, or high-rise feed tube (pictured above). Repair inserts are also available for many markers, allowing the use of original threaded feedtube. This service is available for pretty much any marker. Price is $85 *Now only $50* for raw aluminum. Prices do not include return shipping. If you ship only the body, shipping is usually between $5-8 for USPS Priority Mail (2-4 day delivery). Email us for info.

Thread insert installation, otherwise know as a Heli-coil, to repair damaged or stripped out standard size threads (not for barrel or feedtube threads). Most sizes available, for gripframe mounting screws, bottomline screws, etc. If a certain size is not currently available, then a custom insert can be machined for the application (may incur additional charges). Price for standard available size insert is $10 for the first hole, and $6 dollars each additional. Custom made inserts are quoted based on each job, since inserts will probably vary greatly with each different application. Email us for info.

Any other thread repairs may be quoted based on the work required. Email for us for info.


Here it is, the lightest milling possible on one of the best markers out there! Available for 2k2-2k4 Vikings, and with or without engraving. Excalibur milling is also available.  Email for info.

Superlight Milling: **$230 for milling and polishing of the body and board tray, and return shipping!!!

    Options : $15 gripframe milling-mill battery space to lighten frame and slit trigger guard * $10 bolt milling-mill back of bolt to match body contour * $40 eye milling-prep your blind body for eyes * $20-30 custom logo service-I'll mill a logo in the body in place of the Tarantula logo on the side tubes. 



Those of you who want something out of the ordinary for an already out of the ordinary looking marker may like this. It's our 'Timmy' milling, available with or without 'cracked' engraving. Email for info.

Timmy Milling: **$160 for milling and polishing of the body, and return shipping!!!

    Options : Available with or without "cracked" engraving upon request * $15 for new decoration block.



Here is our Cyborg milling. Available with or without engraved logo. Email for info.

Cyborg Milling: **$160 for milling and polishing of the body, and return shipping!!!



Custom Impulse milling to shape, contour, and lighten up your marker. You may come up with your own design, or select one of these patterns. There are more to come, as we are constantly working on new designs. You may also select one of these patterns and elect to omit or add features such as slots, windows, engraving, or jewel pockets. Email us for more details or if you just have a question. Below are a few examples of standard available patterns.

Ultralight Milling: **$160 for milling and polishing of the body, and return shipping!!!


Thanos Milling: **$160 for milling and polishing of the body, and return shipping!!!

DB Milling: **$160 for milling and polishing of the body, and return shipping!!!

Black Widow Milling: **$170 for milling and polishing of the body, and return shipping!!! Add $15 for engraving of your board tray.



Customize your Autococker with a smooth flowing cut. Here are some pics of one pattern for Merlin bodies. Below them are a Flowline milling pattern done to a 2k body, with back + front blocks, dovetail, and 9 degree ASA made to match. Or think up something on your own, whether you want it simple, or extreme. The possibilities are almost endless! Email for info.

Ambrose Mill for Merlin bodies:

Flowline Milling for WGP body:


Angel LCD:

This is THE FIRST frame for your LCD that is a true no nonsense, bolt on performance enhancement (for us regular folk, a kick ass frame!). Keep your marker as close as possible while maintaining comfort with a Tarantula Paintball gripframe for your Angel LCD. This gripframe minimizes the painful "gooseneck" or "chicken wing" shape your wrist often has in today's style of tournament play. It features a built in Grippy in the back, so you can hang on to your "baby" more comfortably, and more safely than holding it by the regulator with the barrel pointing up at yourself! Two trigger pivot points allow you to set the trigger up how you like it. For typical "pull back" trigger pulls, put the pin in the front hole. For those of you who prefer to pull downward on the hook of the trigger, use the rear hole for more of a rocking action. It includes polished buttons, and your choice of either a hooked stick or hooked double trigger (complete with self locking set screws for adjustment and allen key). Custom aluminum panels are also available ($35-45), which can be smooth finish, custom engraved, or checkered before or after anodizing for that truly custom look. This frame accepts any IR-3 trigger, and shims are available to use LCD and LED triggers. Simply drop in your stock LCD board, and you're ready to go! Available in raw machine finish or polished and ready for anodize. Email for more details or if you have questions. Price $80 shipped for raw, $90 shipped for polished (ready for anodize).

AKA Viking/Excalibur frame:

These frames include custom trigger, but also allow the use of any Viking or Excalibur trigger. You just have to slide out the microswitch mounting pins, and move the switch up and forward to the other set of mounting holes.


A more comfortable way to hang on to your Impulse is with one of these Impulse Grippies. Especially handy for tournament front player, running off the break to the furthest bunker. Increases comfort and prevents dropping your marker while holding it by the back of the body. Includes a new longer screw for mounting, and will be available in many colors. You must specify which gripframe your marker has on it: stock (Grippy has bump to fill slot in frame), OTB/Wermframe (Grippy has a smooth mounting surface, no slot in frame), I-frame (Grippy has no step on mounting surface).



Custom engraving is available, and can be done on practically any surface. Letters are available in almost any font. Graphics are also available, however it is best to minimize really fine detail for clarity on small graphics.

Custom jewel installation can also be done. You supply the jewel and specify where you want it, and we'll mill a pocket recess for it and install it for you. Email us for info.



Got an idea for a new part or accessory, but don't have the resources to make it happen? Let us know, we specialize in designing custom parts for specific application. Drop us a line, and we'll work with you to get your idea from fantasy to reality. Email us for info.


Other custom work is also available.


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