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Re: matrix stick 


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Sat, 7 Dec 2002 18:02:34 EST 




OMG, dude i love you this thing is...im speechless. its just omg, i love this thing. i opened up the package today, and i was like “cool”. found the shim, put it in, threw the trigger in and had it up and working in like 5 minutes. and OMG there is like nothing to the trigger and its super super super fast and comfortable. things like a constant hummm. i cant wait till i get to test it on human prey, the thing is amazing. the lil "lip" i guess on the bottom of the trigger is genius its so comfy and i just get a sweet spot right in the middle of the curve and the things wow lol. i'll send back the orig matrix stick monday. im gonna go take some pics of my gun with it on there and i'll email ya one so u can see it on the gun its sweet. thanx alot dude


thanx a bunch




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